APl Series Petroleum Chemical Pump


Standard Chemical Pump

  • Standard- ANSI B73.1
  • Capacity- <1500 m³/hr
  • Head- <250 m
  • Temperature- <120℃
  • Speed- <3500 rpm

Petrochemical process pump

  • Flow rate- ~2600m³/h
  • Head- ~250 m
  • Speed- 1450~2950r/min
  • Design pressure- ~2.5MPa
  • Operating temperature- -40℃~180℃
  • Center support temperature- -40℃~450℃

Heavy duty petrochemical process pump

  • Flow rate- 2600m³/h
  • Lift- ~600 m
  • Speed- 1450~2950r/min
  • Design pressure- ~10MPa
  • Operating temperature- -80℃~450℃

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