Heavy duty petrochemical process pump

  • Flow rate- 2600m³/h
  • Lift- ~600 m
  • Speed- 1450~2950r/min
  • Design pressure- ~10MPa
  • Operating temperature- -80℃~450℃
Flow rate: ~2600m³/h Lift: ~600 m Speed: 1450~2950r/min Design pressure: ~10MPa Operating temperature: -80℃~450℃


API 610 Pumps

Heavy Duty Process Pump according to API 610, 10th ED. Series NCR
The DICKOW pumps, type NCR, are heavy-duty centrifugal pumps for the petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries. The pumps are designed and manufactured according to API 610, 10th ed. / ISO 13709. This international standard specifies requirements for centrifugal pumps used in the above industries. The standard does not refer to any outline dimensions of the pumps.

Performance parameters:

Flow rate: ~2600m³/h
Lift: ~600 m
Speed: 1450~2950r/min
Design pressure: ~10MPa
Operating temperature: -80℃~450℃

Scope of application:
Widely used in high or low temperature and high-pressure working conditions in oil refining, petrochemical industry, coal-to-liquids, coal chemical industry, natural gas processing, offshore drilling equipment, and other industries
It can convey corrosive or highly corrosive media with solid particles, liquefied petroleum gas, and other flammable, explosive or toxic media.
Typical applications include pumps for transporting crude oil and high-temperature tower bottoms in modern refineries and where continuous operation is required. They can also be used as lean liquid pumps and rich liquid pumps for large-scale ammonia synthesis plants.

Product Features

The improved bearing frame with a robust shaft makes a quiet operation and long reliability pumps and shall be fitted with an air cooling device and options such as magnetic oil seals and monitoring instrumentation.

The mechanical seals and auxiliaries supplied are in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 21049 (API 682).

The fluids pumped include sour water, gasoline, light hydrocarbons, and vacuum bottoms.

The customers benefit from the robust construction, the versatility in application, and the long reliable service life.

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