Standard Chemical Pump

  • Standard- ANSI B73.1
  • Capacity- <1500 m³/hr
  • Head- <250 m
  • Temperature- <120℃
  • Speed- <3500 rpm
Standard: ANSI B73.1 Capacity: <1500 Head: <250 m Temperature: <120℃ Speed: <3500 rpm


Solid Handling Pump( Solid, Abrasive & Corrosive Liquid)

Standardized chemical pumps are chemical pumps, with standardized dimensions and hydraulic output (see Standardised pump). Standardized pumps can be replaced with equivalent pumps of any make. Their back pull-out design enables the removal of the bearings including the shaft seal and impeller without having to disconnect the pipelines from the pump casing.

If a flexible spacer-type coupling is fitted, the motor does not need to be moved in this process, which means the pump set does not need to be re-aligned after its reassembly.

The main standardized chemical pumps used in the chemical and petrochemical industries comply with EN 22858 / ISO 2858 / ISO 5199 or, in the U.S., ASME B 73.1.

Working Conditions

Applicable temperature: -20~350℃

NOTES: Please indicate during ordering if the proportion of medium or larger than 1.3mg/cm3. No idling running. No delivering medium with particles or crystalline.


The stainless steel chemical pump is widely applied to many fields or processes like petroleum, chemical, acid, alkali, rare earth, smelting, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper making, electroplate, electrolysis, acid pickling, radio, formed foil, research organizations, and national defense, etc. This particularly applies to the delivery of strong corrosive mediums of flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, strong acid and alkali, organic solvents, and other expensive liquids, etc.

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