What is a magnetic drive pump?

What is a magnetic drive pump?

The magnetic drive pump is also called the magnetic drive pump. Its remarkable feature is that the pump has no shaft seal parts; that is, there is no dynamic seal leakage point. The magnetic drive pump is composed of a pump, a magnetic drive, a unique structural part of the magnetic drive pump, and a motor. Its key component, the magnetic drive, consists of an outer magnetic rotor, an inner magnetic rotor, and a non-magnetic isolation sleeve.

Magnetic drive pump transmission principle

According to the principle that the magnetic field can penetrate the air gap and non-magnetic medium, when the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate, the inner magnetic rotor connected to the impeller is coupled to rotate synchronously through the action of the magnetic force line, realizing the non-contact transmission of torque, by In the conventional pump, one shaft with a shaft seal part is changed to two shafts with a spacer sleeve structure. The dynamic seal is converted into a static seal. The pump shaft and the inner magnetic rotor are entirely sealed by the pump body and the spacer sleeve, thus completely solving the problem. The leakage problem of the medium has also wholly solved the problem of “running, popping, dripping and leaking” and eliminated the safety hazards of flammable, explosive, toxic, and harmful media in the refining and chemical industry leaking through the pump seal, effectively ensuring the physical and mental health of employees. Healthy and safe production.

magnetic drive pump

Working conditions of magnetic drive pump

The density of the magnetic drive pump conveying medium is not more than 1300kg/m3, and the viscosity is not more than 30×10-6m3/S, which does not contain ferromagnetism and fiber. The rated temperature of the conventional magnetic pump is for the pump body made of metal or F46 lining, the maximum working temperature is 80°C, and the rated pressure is 1.6MPa; the operating temperature of the high-temperature magnetic pump is ≤350°C; for the pump body made of non-metallic material, the maximum temperature is not Over 60°C, the rated pressure is 0.6MPa.

The magnetic coupling needs to be designed separately for liquids with a medium density more fabulous than 1600kg/m3. The bearings of the magnetic pump are lubricated and cooled by the conveyed medium, and the magnetic drum pump is generally strictly prohibited from running without load.

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