How to understand the advantages of the screw pump and its durability?

The screw pump is a commonly used water pump shared by the screw exhaust vane and the pump casing. Used irrigation for irrigation, drainage, and lifting of sewage and sludge.

Advantages of screw pumps

1. The speed is low (generally 20r/min~90r/min), Metal wear is slight, and cavitation will not occur.

2. The flow channel is wide enough to transport water-containing solids.

3. The structure of the pump body is half-open; it is convenient for us to check the operation of the pump

4. The flow state on the suction side has little effect on the hydraulic performance, and there is no special requirement for the suction pool. The excavation depth of the foundation is small, the construction of the hydraulic structure is simple, and the civil construction cost is low.

5. Wide range of pressure and flow.

6. Progressive cavity pumps deliver liquids of all types and viscosities.

7. Good suction performance and self-priming ability.

8. Uniform and continuous flow with a slight vibration

9. Unlike other pumps, it is less sensitive to incoming gas and dirt.

10. Solid structure, easy installation, and maintenance.

the screw pump

Is the screw pump durable?

The core components of the screw pump are the stator and the rotor. While conveying the medium, the long-term transportation of some media will cause the stator to wear, so its durability is limited. The service life of the screw pump is mainly related to the manufacturing process and actual use.

Of course, in addition to product quality, the durability of the screw pump depends on the medium it transports. The greater the viscosity and particles of the transport medium, the greater the wear of the stator. On the contrary, If the screw pump is only used to transport clean water or mild sewage, the service life will be longer. In actual use, to reduce the wear of the medium on the stator and prolong the service life of the screw pump, we suggest adjusting the corresponding speed according to different medium characteristics.

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