Fluorine-lined magnetic drive pump

Fluorine-lined magnetic drive pump is a new type of chemical pump that uses permanent magnets to realize non-contact indirect transmission. When the motor drives the outer rotor (ie the outer magnetic steel) assembly to rotate, the magnetic line of force passes through the isolation sleeve to drive the inner rotor (ie the outer magnetic steel) through the action of the magnetic field. The inner magnetic steel) assembly and the impeller rotate synchronously, and the medium is completely enclosed in the static isolation sleeve, so as to achieve the purpose of pumping the medium without leakage, and completely solve the leakage of the shaft seal of the mechanical transmission pump. It is fully sealed, without leakage and pollution. , a new type of industrial pump with high efficiency and energy saving.


Features of fluorine-lined magnetic drive pump series


1. The non-leakage fluorine-lined magnetic pump is a new type of industrial pump that is independently developed and designed with full sealing, no leakage, no pollution, and strong acid and alkali resistance.

2. The pump body is made of cast iron lined with fluoroplastics (PTFE, FEP, PFA) by integral sintering and pressing. The inner rotor, pump cover impeller, isolation sleeve, and other over-current components are integrally sintered with metal inserts and outer fluoroplastics.

3. The magnet adopts a new type of permanent magnet, which has good magnetic properties, high-temperature resistance, and no demagnetization.

4. The shaft sleeve and sliding bearing are made of high wear-resistant silicon carbide, graphite, PTFE, and other materials.

5. It not only has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, low noise, and reliable operation of the ordinary magnetic pump but also can transport any concentration of acid, alkali, oxidant, and other fluorine corrosion properties without damage.

Other features


  • High levels of durability and reliability

Manufactured to heavy-duty specifications for process use, these magnetic drive pumps can endure continuous operation for a long time under demanding conditions. The main structural materials of the pump are reinforced with metal to improve mechanical strength.

  • Strong corrosion and heat resistance

These pumps are manufactured mainly from fluororesin and SiC. Three standard types of fluororesins are used: ETFE and PFA. Especially, the PFA type allows high-temperature liquids (up to 120˚C) to be handled. EL-grade chemicals can also be handled.

  • Useful even in petrochemical plants

The casing cover of these pumps is constructed with FCD (ductile cast iron). Therefore, these pumps can be used in petrochemical plants where conventional resin-constructed pumps could not be used.

  • Replacements for conventional sealed pumps.



Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, acid, alkali, smelting, rare earth, pesticides, dyes, medicine, papermaking, electroplating, pickling, radio, chemical foil, scientific research institutions, defense industry, and other industries to transport acid and alkali of any concentration It is suitable for the transportation of nature, oils, rare earth precious liquids, toxic liquids, volatile chemical media, especially flammable, leaky and explosive liquids.

Parameters Table


Model Flow Head Efficiency NPSH Import&Export Speed Motor Power
m³/h m % m mm r/min kw
CF32-20-125 3.6 20 18 3 32*20 2900 1.1
CF32-20-160 3.6 32 20 3 32*20 2900 2.2
CF50-32-125 12.5 20 56 3.2 50*32 2900 1.5
CF50-32-160 12.5 32 46 3.2 50*32 2900 4
CF50-32-200 12.5 50 43 3.2 50*32 2900 5.5
CF50-32-250 25 80 36 3.2 50*32 2900 11
CF65-50-125 18 20 55 3.5 65*50 2900 3
CF65-50-150 25 25 57 3.5 65*50 2900 4
CF65-50-160 25 32 52 3.5 65*50 2900 5.5
CF65-40-200 25 50 46 3.5 80*40 2900 11
CF65-40-250 25 80 47 3.5 80*40 2900 15
CF80-65-125 50 20 45 4.5 80*65 2900 7.5
CF80-65-160 50 32 48 4.5 80*65 2900 11
CF80-50-200 50 50 56 4.5 80*50 2900 15
CF80-50-250 50 80 53 4.5 80*50 2900 30
CF100-80-125 100 20 54 5 100*80 2900 15
CF100-80-160 100 32 56 5 100*80 2900 18.5



1. Q: How to customize pumps and mechanical seals?
A: Customers could send us application data, we will select a suitable pump and seal types, or clients could send us drawings, We are well in OEM and ODM.

2. Q: What information do I need to offer for a quotation?
A: Please provide the following information to our email sales@brysonpump.com as much as possible

Medium: ____________
Specific Gravity: _______
Temperature: _________
Capacity/Flow: ________m3/h
Head: _________m
Voltage: ____________V
Frequency: _________Hz

3. Q: What is your minimum quantity?
A: One set is also welcome to us.


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