How to do the daily maintenance of the screw pump

I believe everyone knows that the screw pump is simple in structure, stable and reliable in operation, durable, and has the advantage of low investment cost. It is currently one of the more mainstream conveying equipment. However, after the excellent equipment has been used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be various failures, which is very distressing for the operators. Therefore, this requires the operator to do an excellent job in the maintenance and maintenance of the screw pump. Although these can not guarantee that the pump will not have problems, they can reduce the probability of failure.

Daily maintenance and maintenance of the screw pump

1. Check the oil level in the gearbox when the screw pump is stopped. If necessary, remove the oil filling plug and add oil to the center of the oil mark.

2. Listen for abnormal noise and vibration.

3. Check the pump for leakage when the pump is running.

Note: For mechanical seals, in most cases, no leakage can be observed from the seal drain hole due to vaporization, but sometimes a small and stable leakage is allowed.

the maintenance of the screw pump

Weekly inspection and maintenance of the screw pump

1. For pumps that have stopped working for more than a week, the inlet and outlet valves should be opened, the motor power should be connected, and the pump should be jogged several times.

2. Check whether the valves on the inlet and outlet pipelines can work normally.

Quarterly maintenance and maintenance
1. Check whether all the nuts on the foundation and the bolts of the compression device are loose.

2. The installation stipulates that the gearbox’s oil should be replaced every three months. Loosen the drain plug of the gearbox to drain the gear oil. Tighten the drain plug, open the oil filling plug, inject clean light oil, and clean the gearbox. After cleaning, open the drain screw plug, drain the light oil, tighten the drain screw plug, inject the specified gear oil from the oil filling screw plug to the middle of the oil mark, and tighten the oil filling screw.

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